Boots N' Harps

Here are the posters that I made up for the Boots N' Harps 12 band extravaganza that is happening today. It's a great showcase of talent for a great cause. If you're not already there, then get a move on!

Drink N' Draw: Go Fish!

This Skull-Koi was the product of another Drink N' Draw where i was trying for something tattoo like. I think I got there. I hadn't even finished it before someone asked if they could get it inked.


Drink N' Draw

The idea of the Drink N' Draw (D&D... haha, I don't care, I'm keeping it like that) is simply to drink while drawing. Bonus, unlike drinking and driving, consuming alcohol while drawing is not illegal, and that's a good thing. This Drink N' Draw was all about 'Eyes' and this is how it turned out.