Voila! The results of Tablet Tuesday. Hurray for drawing. Hurray for skulls and tentacles. Hurray for you. From a sketch to the tablet we drop in on our old friend Bill Tentaskull who we find kicking back and relaxing on a positively toxic looking afternoon.


Tom Baker Selection

Hey there friends.
Here's the thing: I like to sketch. Fact. I really like Doctor Who. Fact Too.
So then this evening while I was finishing up some tasty sammich dinner action, and catching up on some old school Doctor Who on the Netflix, I felt the need to combine these two things that I like and decided to have a go at sketching the Doctor. Specifically the 4th Doctor, Tom Baker. Also known as the one with the crazy long scarf. I quite enjoyed the sketching, and am also quite happy with the result. So I figured why not post the final product on my sketchy-designy blog type thing. Take a look, I'd love to hear your thoughts.
Bonus: I will give anyone who gets my title reference a free high five!


Here I am!!!

Hey friends, here I am! Long time no post seems to be the going salutation around here. So let's break the silence again. I thought I'd pop on here and let you all in on what I've been up to as of late. Well, I've finished another fun poster for San Quentin and the nice folks up there at R Pub. The poster is for their upcoming Customer Appreciation night. The night will also feature the Living Daylights who are kind of the main focus of the poster. I got to dust the Wacom off for this one. And here it is:

Til next time friends, do that thing you keep doing!

Your old pal,
Charlie Scream


Long Time No Post

Hey friends,
Let's take care of the elephant in the room first... I know it's been a long time since I've posted... so... let's fix that shall we? And what better way to fix unposty-ness then with a classy Octopus with a Top Hat and a Monocle? Breakin' the blog silence with a bubble pipe!!! Straight from my sketchbook to you!!!



Happy Friday Friends!!!
To celebrate this oncoming weekend I figured I'd post a quick sketch I was playing with today. Look out X-men... you are no match for... APOCATLYPSE!!! Have a good weekend Everybody!


Attention Defecit Disorder

Hey guys, your friendly neighborhood Charlie Scream here again. This time with something totally A.D.D.! So... The last thing I posted was my random picture of a skull with antlers and tentacles holding a raygun. Right. Then a buddy of mine (San Quentin Presents) came to me asking me to do up a poster for a rad show that he is putting on with the A.D.D. theme. I thought "What better illustration to throw on the picture" Totally giving me the opportunity to digitalize, colorize, and electrify this bad mammajamma! Check it out!!!


Antlered Tentacled Raygun Skull

I know I said I'd post this guy awhile ago, but I had to finish up some work first before I could get around to it. Also, I was hoping to have it digitized before now, but that'll have to wait a little. But without further ado... I present to you... Antlered Tentacled Raygun Skull!!! And do you know how fun it was to draw? UltraMega Fun... that's how much!!! :D


Sophie Chinchilla

Happy New Years friends, and welcome to the first post of the year. I know I've let my posting kind of fall to the wayside a little in the final months of 2010, and have many excuses. But excuses are merely just that. So instead of bore you to death with the blah-blahs I present to you a new pic!
Here is a project I've been working on for a friends Blog. The Blog in question is Lila's: Sophie vs. The Dynamic Duo (plus one!) A blog that's chock full of Chinchilla-y Degu-y goodness! Ch-ch-check it out if'n ya like little furry guys! And check back soon as I hope to be posting a rad sketch that I was working on last night!