Drinkin n Drawin leads to Angry Robots!!!

So, I was at a friends Art Night gathering on Friday. Drinking wine, drawing in the ol' sketchbook. Enjoying some good company and all that. Good times were had! I had the chance to look back a little and finish a sketch that I had started in the spring. A sketch I had started in a coffee shop. So now, for your viewing pleasure, I give you Angry Robot: PREEEEEEE-OWWWWWWW!!!


I Have Not Forgot!!!

Hey friends, Your old pal Charlie Scream here! Just wanted to let you all know that I have NOT forgotten about this blog! I have just been busy with some projects / sick with a mean mamma-jamma of a stomach flu / been dragged into a horrible land of time-wasting video-gaming hijinx shenanigans! But enough with excuses. Here are some sketches that I would like to take to the tablet after some of my project work clears up. Especially the Coffee Monster... I think he would make a nice shirt design... which will then bring to light one of my often mentioned "irons in the fire". So... are you all still out there... (my over half dozen or so viewer friends)? Let me hear ya!!!


Poster Design

Hey everybody, I haven't really posted very much in the last week or so, so I figured I'd post something I've been working on this week. It's a poster for a show my buddy's putting on. I figure it has elements of illustration, so it fits in on the ol' blog here. Other than this though I've been doing lots of drawing lately... one of my other current *projects in progress* is a illustrization of a wee furry lil' mammal. Which I will posting up on here as soon as it is in viewable condition. But for now here is a fun poster for you to enjoy. (It'll also be a rad show if your from around here, you should probably check it out if you can)


Bored to Death Inks

Good Morning House Plants... It's time to get up and go to work!!!
That being said... I'll keep this short so I'm not late.
Here is what inking I got done last night on the Bored to Death sketch.


Bored to Death

So, I kinda thought that my next post should probably be something other then a Sengis. Also I've been watching a lot of Bored to Death over the last couple of days. And I've been sketching a bunch whilst watching. SO I thought I'd post this:


Sengis w/ Wacom Inking & Painting

I've sort of been using Sengis as a case study as of late. This time around I'm using him as an exercise in Wacom Inking and Painting. I think he turned out pretty decent looking. What do YOU think?


More Sengis!

Here's a couple more Sengis sketches from today... think I might try to step 'em up into the digital world next.

More Sengis Sketches


WACOM test.

So... I borrowed a WACOM Tablet from a buddy of mine at work.
Yeah, it pretty much rules. So I borrowed the old Skulltini sketch to see if I could make this thing work..
...aaaaaaand here's what came out the other side:
I'm pretty happy with it... it turned out Kill Bill'y.


Sketch sketch sketch...
I like this Sengis guy...
They are pretty freeking cool... and WAY faster then you are!
I understand that's a bold statement... but really though...
Here's the sketch... and a video.

 Fast hey? Amirite?


Sketches #1

I realize I haven't posted anything in months... not because I haven't been working on anything, but rather simply because I have been swamped with both Design and Band related projects. So let's remedy that shall we? For now here are a pair old sketches that I recently dug up while looking through some old files. I call them Macho Nacho and Stumpy... Enjoy!


Skulltini: Before & After.

Hey kids, another new post this week! Here's a little something that I put together a little while ago (last week), once again Illustrated from an old sketch of mine. Run through the Illustrator machina with a bit of flash added... for zazz.
Dig it?

Bowling Bomb: Before & After.

Hey kids, found an old sketch today and I just couldn't pass up the urge to give it a run through Illustrator. I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out, and I keep getting more and more into this style of illustrating... so... let's keep going yeah?
Also, the SwampGuy pic is still in progress. It'll be the most complicated thing I've done so far... so saty tuned for that! And hey don't forget, if you like what you see... tell your friends!!!

Edit: Fixed up the background, made it a little more display-able... and enjoyable.


Put me down nao!

So it's time to put up or shut up! Here is an old pic from an old sketchbook that I'm gonna give a run through Illustrator here in the next little while. Kind of a fun SwampGuy w/ Mistress of the Night sort of thing.

Time for a re:Start

Time for a fresh start. I've got my scanner up and running, a bit of a T-shirt venture underway, and, most importantly, the motivation to make it happen! So this blog will now cater to posting sketches / illustrations / designs that I've got on the go. There should be some really fun stuff happening soon! So check back, and let me know what you think!