Come at me Zombie Bro!!!

Here's a Drink N' Draw that I just recently finished inking up. Check it out Brooooooooooo...


Boots N' Harps

Here are the posters that I made up for the Boots N' Harps 12 band extravaganza that is happening today. It's a great showcase of talent for a great cause. If you're not already there, then get a move on!

Drink N' Draw: Go Fish!

This Skull-Koi was the product of another Drink N' Draw where i was trying for something tattoo like. I think I got there. I hadn't even finished it before someone asked if they could get it inked.


Drink N' Draw

The idea of the Drink N' Draw (D&D... haha, I don't care, I'm keeping it like that) is simply to drink while drawing. Bonus, unlike drinking and driving, consuming alcohol while drawing is not illegal, and that's a good thing. This Drink N' Draw was all about 'Eyes' and this is how it turned out.


Sermon On The Mountain & Cadence & Nathan Poster

Another week and another poster, this time it's for a fun show I'm going to be a part of at Hooliganz Pub on March 10th. Cadence & Nathan are a killer duo that you won't want to miss, they'll be starting the night off proper and then sticking around to celebrate Nathans birthday weekend. They'll be celebrating said 'best swimmers day' to the sounds of Sermon On The Mountain, my rhythm & bluegrass band. All in all it should be a bonafide good time.


The Moanin' After Poster

Hey friends, I have a bunch of posts to catch up on. So without further delay here's a poster I did up for a buddy of mine. If you're in Sunnybrook March 9th or 10th then THIS will be the show to see!
Have a look!


First Post of 2012!

First Post of 2012 indeed. Here's an unused sketch from a project I've been working on this week.
I've been doing a bunch of old school tattoo style drawings lately, and greatly enjoying them.