WACOM test.

So... I borrowed a WACOM Tablet from a buddy of mine at work.
Yeah, it pretty much rules. So I borrowed the old Skulltini sketch to see if I could make this thing work..
...aaaaaaand here's what came out the other side:
I'm pretty happy with it... it turned out Kill Bill'y.


Sketch sketch sketch...
I like this Sengis guy...
They are pretty freeking cool... and WAY faster then you are!
I understand that's a bold statement... but really though...
Here's the sketch... and a video.

 Fast hey? Amirite?


Sketches #1

I realize I haven't posted anything in months... not because I haven't been working on anything, but rather simply because I have been swamped with both Design and Band related projects. So let's remedy that shall we? For now here are a pair old sketches that I recently dug up while looking through some old files. I call them Macho Nacho and Stumpy... Enjoy!